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Camphor herbal balm

Herbal yellow balm
If you have a headache, feel a bout of seasickness during the trip, grippuete, it is recommended to rub a very small amount of balm to the temples, forehead and neck. Hands thoroughly washed and do not touch their eyes (may burn much). In boiling water, add a bit of balm, and you can make inhalation, as usual breathing over potatoes. If inflamed trigeminal or facial nerve, can lubricate these parts balm.

Products : Herbal balm, Massage balm, Thai balm

Herbal green balm
Thai Massage Green Balm with a light pleasant smell minty and slightly warming effect. The Balm is used in Thailand for pain relief and healing with massage. The Balm is used for relief of muscle pain, sprain, discomfort in cold, dizziness, painful muscles after unaccustomed exercise or exertion and insect bites.

Products : Herbal balm, Massage balm, Thai balm

Herbal white balm
Natural Alternative herb al medical remedies, Herbal Remedies For the body . relieve the pangs on body As liniment and to relieve the pangs on body, tiresome body, sprains, inflamation, rashes, insects bite and etc. Our policy is a quality product, reasonable price, punctual delivery additional good service herbal remedies expert manufacturing .

Products : Herbal balm, Massage balm, Thai balm

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