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Herbal oil

Thai herbal massage oil
We produce varieties of thai herbals products. The process of produce it extract from natural premium properties herbs & medicinal plants presenting the world of most renown thai miraculous household multipurpose traditional herbal remedies, Which not irritate the skin or leave any chemical residue. So we wish introduce the products.

Products : Herbal yellow oil, Massage oil, Thai massage oil

Herbal green oil
If you have a headache, feel a bout of seasickness during the trip, grippuete, it is recommended to rub a very small amount of green oil to the temples, forehead and neck. Hands thoroughly washed and do not touch their eyes (may burn much). In boiling water, add a bit of green oil, and you can make inhalation, as usual breathing over potatoes. If inflamed trigeminal or facial nerve, can lubricate these parts green oil.

Products : Herbal green oil, Massage oil, Thai massage oil

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