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Herbal Foam

Liquid Herbal soap
The products are used to clean the skin Focused more moisture to form lumps. Containing extracts Turmeric has helped to relieve itchy allergy. And antioxidants in the skinís ideal for all skin types.

Products : Liquid Herbal soap, Skin Brightening Herbal Soap

Facial foam
Whitening and Nourishing Female Foam Facial Cleanser OEM/ODM Professional Supplier.

Products : Facial foam, beauty facial foam

Citronella mosquito repellent bottle spray
Safe, no harm to human and pets. A natural alternative to toxic bug repellent chemials. High effective, able to provide you with a mosquito-free environment

Products : Citronella mosquito repellent bottle spray,

Liquid Hand Soap
Properties Products used to clean hands. Used in antibacterial Clean hands thoroughly of all impurities. Contains mild moisturizing the skin. A light fragrance Do not make the skin dry after use. Suitable for all skin types

Products : Liquid Hand Soap, Liquid Hand Soap Products

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