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Thai herbal compress ball

Model : Thai herbal massage ball 250g,200g,150g,70g,30g. and etc

Specification : Manufacturing price

Brand name: OEM Service

Payment Terms: Cash,L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Packaging : Standard carton sizes

Delivery : 2 working days after payment

Business Type: Manufacturer
We are the company influence about thai herbals products. We produce varieties of thai herbals products. The process of produce it extract from natural premium properties herbs & medicinal plants presenting the world of most renown thai miraculous household multipurpose traditional herbal remedies, Which not irritate the skin or leave any chemical residue. So we wish introduce the products such as herbaled white balm, herbaled balm, yellow herbal oil, herbal Soap and Thai Herbal Compress Ball, Herbal steam sauna and etc which relieve inflammation and muscle pain and herb remedy as alternative to modren drugs which less side effect treatment. Our products are popular of thai people and it used in homespa for massage.

Herbal preparations ready before you start cooking the recipe ball. Cut into small pieces and pounded to pieces, each weighing herbal compress ball formula based on defined standards. All the ingredients of Herbal ball mix together. When the ingredients together well to bring together once again test weight. compress ball the mixture into the fabric. Herbal wrap Tie with string tightly available.

How Herbal compress ball Wrap
Herbal compress ball the mixture and place in the middle of the cloth. Starting catch up over a second angle stacks by hand by the end of the four corners of the cloth, it was up again to catch the four corners of the cloth over again until all four corners. Menís clothes neatly Stacked one man, then gradually embellishment herbal compress ball a sphere of beauty. When the herbal compress ball a sphere already beautiful. The rope was folded in half Hundreds of concern to both men as well. Then folded around a second and then tied tightly with a knot at the end of the first round, it will make the same cloth, both sides gradually organize seam in part to a handheld ball. The grip ball The arrested man is left boards stacked neatly. Then fold together to keep the seam on both sides.

After we embellishment and hidden seam of Herbal compress ball be completed. Fold down about two inches to the hilt. The end of the rope is wrapped around the second roll again by tying a knot tightly again. The end of the rope hidden in a niche at the crease as a handle. The Herbal is strong and durable to use. Hemp rope tied tightly by tying a knot again. One end of a length of about two inches, then lift up the handle attached to compresses. Use the long end of the rope over a thousand more. Using fingertips, press the rope firmly dismissed. Doing this will make you look beautiful and rope arranged in an orderly manner. When the male end of the rope and tie the knot with the rope attached to the handle at first. Then hid the rope in the corner boards a grip. That would be beautiful compress ball ready for use.

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