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Tamarind Soap peach a soft gentle soap enriched with vitamin C Herbal skin is healthy skin to remove dark spots, freckles and reduce dark circles. Eliminate body odor deep clean. Vitamin E is a mixture of honey and glowing skin smooth and soft radiant skin naturally.     Tamarind Soap rinse simple, gentle, non-irritating. Without any side effects The amount of natural oil bubble, which is 100% worth it before.      The unique properties of tamarind extract Acidic soft Eliminates impurities in the skin as well. Reduces the dive shop to fade. Especially in the armpits, groin, ankles, elbows, healthy skin should be used regularly.      Tamarind skin bleaching soap makes white. Make skin more radiant Better use plain soap
Benefits of Tamarind soap       - Help keep skin smooth and clean.       - Helps eliminate - the smell of sweat effective.       - Not rough skin smoother.       - The skin is blemish - acne. Naturally fade cleanly shaven       - Reduce wrinkles and dark spots naturally.
The benefit of ingredients
     - Tamarind soap extract clean the surface thoroughly Removes dead cells to fall off easily. Skin is smooth and soft skin. Bright with natural vitamins from tamarind Leaves skin silky, just one week of use. And help the skin if used consecutively instead of regular soap.          Vitamin C has anti-oxidant action (as Antioxidant) helps eliminate free radicals, skin aging and improves skin color. Skin glowing and radiant skin, reducing the appearance of Black take
Vitamin E helps to slow down the degeneration of skin cells. Add vitality to the muscles Reduce Wrinkles Stimulate the production of new skin cells Prevents premature aging. Skin moisture, reduce wrinkles, freckles and scars to soften. The use of vitamin E Continuing to make the skin soft, smooth and radiant look healthy because of good features to add and retain moisture within the skin for longer and protect skin from premature aging.
- Coconut oil, palm oil is an herb that can nourish the skin. Coconut oil, which are dwindling rapidly absorbed into the skin and have the power to cleanse skin deep
- Natural honey Hydrating Facial Soft skin Flexible and vitamin E to nourish the skin feeling fresh without irritating the skin. It also protects the skin from the damage of UV light helps to strengthen the skin. Microbiological features antibacterial Protect acne spots restores natural. To the surface
How to use Tamarind soap
Use Tamarind soap cleaning surface Dry skin should bleach the skin, leave for 10-30 seconds - about 1 minute oily skin because it helps condition skin. And so the work of the soap. Fully effective and efficient.
How to use Tamarind soap
1.Use Tamarind soap for bath bleaching is about 1-2 minutes.
2.Then rinse with clean water.
3.Hand gently pat. It will feel more smooth skin.
4.You will feel whiter, smoother, more white.

1.Helps to smooth the skin thoroughly.
2.Removes stains - sweat odor effectively.
3.Help the skin is not rough and gentle skin.
4.Help skin to fade - acne fades naturally clean.
5.Help to reduces wrinkles, dark spots naturally.

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