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Character Tamarind and Honey soap
Natural soap in soap or liquid soap. It was produced as an alternative for consumer health. This can be seen in the work OPOP soap. These soaps are different from the Herbal soap sold by department stores. The glycerin in the Tamarind and Honey soap will help nourish the skin. Meanwhile, the soap produced by the plant will process the extracted glycerin is sold out for the cream to one another. So they took some soap skin felt dry and tight. To apply the cream once again.
  We can use it to make soap without much trouble. It also ensures safe and can define the properties we want. Using materials available in the market. As used cooking oil that is commercially available. Try it once and then use it to buy soap never used again. Honey soap recipe for tamarind Soap is quite popular. The honey will make your skin supple moisture tamarind contain AHA that help skin to skin. For oil, use coconut oil, palm oil ratio of 1: 1 with a bag sold in the market to buy time, saying that he would like to buy coconut oil traders will take a little coconut oil (palm oil) to this. If I use virgin coconut oil prices are quite expensive. But whether or not to use it myself, but it’s ok to mix coconut oil palm. However, due to palm oil in the recipe anyway. In addition, use olive oil they use to cook, not just the hair. Olive oil is expensive, but using small amounts, it’s not much
Ingredient of Tamarind and Honey soap
Oil + oil = 160 g. Olive oil = 40 grams Water = 50 g Sodium hydroxide Or sodium hydroxide (lye) = 29 grams. Tamarind concentration = 10 g = 10 grams of honey = 10 grams of tamarind a little perfume
Tamarind soap - help keep skin smooth and clean - helping clean - smell the sweat can result - skin is rough.     Care, however .... Properly. The girls featured Pay attention to the care of our skin, do not forget to care for your skin too.
Recommendation Tamarind and Honey soap
The first time should use a little soap. Wash and gently massage For skin resurfacing Leave it for a while Then rinse After skin pretreatment already familiar. Should leave it for 1-2 minutes so the skin more effectively. Lotion should be used in conjunction with after every shower. To skin soft, smooth.
1.Helps to remove dead skin cells gently. Helps to whiten skin naturally helps smooth skin.
2.Helps skin to whiten, soften and brighten.
3.Helps to eliminate free radicals, nourish the skin, slow down aging, help skin tone. Helps to brighten skin, brighten skin, reduce dark spots.
4.Helps to slow down skin cell degeneration. Strengthens the muscles. Helps reduce wrinkles. Stimulates the production of new skin cells Prevent premature aging.
5.Helps strengthen the skin. Have microbial properties Inhibit bacteria Prevents acne, dark spots, restore the natural to the face.

How to use Honey Tamarind Soap
1. Apply facial It should be removed for 10-30 seconds, suitable for all skin types.
2.It should be a little soap wash and massage gently to shed the skin. Leave for a moment.
3.Then rinse with clean water.
4.The skin is already familiar. Should be left for 1-2 minutes to improve the skin.
5.Should use lotion with skin after bath. To nourish and soften skin naturally.

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