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OEM Clothing Fabric Softener

: Dokbuasee

ѧüԵ: Bangkok

ӹǹ鹵: 0

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1000 ml

3800 ml


The softener is intended for gentle care of white and colored linen. Thanks to the components, included in the composition, it cares for fabric fibers, protects, gives a light delicate aroma and facilitates ironing. Suitable for cotton, wool, synthetic fabric.

Type: Detergent
Detergent Type: Softener
Detergent Use: APPAREL
Shape: Liquid
Feature: Sustainable
Place of Origin: Bangkok, Thailand
Model Number: BQY7657
Product Name: OEM DOKBUASEE Clothing Fabric Softener
Brand: Current Brand / Customized
Capacity: 2kg
Packing: 1*9bags
Key words: Clothing Fabric Softener
Guarantee Period: 3 Years
MOQ: 9 Bags
Service: OEM & ODM, One-stop service
Skin type: All kinds of clothes
Effect: Clothing Fabric Softener

Our Promise to Customers.
1.All OEM skin care products meet the quality standards.
2.All goods will be inspected BEFORE each order and delivered in time.
3.Provide warm & friendly before-sale service & after-sale service.
4.All requirements will be replied within 24 hours.

2.MOQ:1 carton

OEM/ODM Customized Service
1.OEM service is welcome.
3.Customize your mould according to your need.
4.Your requirements and complaints are highly respected.
5.Necessary test and certification can be obtained as you request

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