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Natural Alternative herb al medical remedies,Herbal Remedies For the body . relieve the pangs on body As liniment and to relieve the pangs on body, tiresome body, sprains, inflamation, rashes, insects bite and etc. Our policy is a quality product, reasonable price, punctual delivery additional good service herbal remedies expert manufacturing .
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Model : Wintergreen aloevera balm

Specification : Herbal balm size 20g,50g,100g,200g,...

Brand name: Herbal balm Dokbuasee

Payment Terms: Cash,L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Packaging : Standard carton sizes

Delivery : 2 working days after payment

Product name :
Herbal balm, الألوة بلسم,ALOEVERA BALM,中药白,ALOE VERA бальзам

The Aloevera balm a traditional homeland in the Mediterranean and southern Africa. By year-old plant species. With a height of 0.5-1 meters short trunk articulate. Leaves are thick and long, succulent leaves are green. A long soft white Sort out round the base of the big end of the blade sharp serrated edge with small spikes. White is away The leaves are pale green jelly inside. The flowers Aloevera balm a bouquet of flowers will be at the end. Daniel shabby yellow flower color. Peduncle length Light bulb attached to a separate six-pointed end up as second class is a horn section aloe. As a result of a cigar shape

Character of Aloevera
The word "aloe" (Aloe) comes from Ancient Greek. That means that agave Which is a derivative of the word "Allal" in Yiddish, meaning that the astringent or bitter. Because when a person has filed, it will be recalled that the aloe itself. Aloevera balm is a plant that grows in the tropics and the species has spread to Asia and Europe. Aloe today it is popular all over the world already. The aloevera are more than 300 species, which range from smaller than 10 cm to the species at large. Effect of aloe is. balm Sharp needle-like leaves And meat content in a sticky slime.

Benefit of Aloevera
When it comes to herbal aloevera. We tend to think of benefit in the treatment of burns, scald wounds help relieve the burning pain. Apply to prevent scarring from other substances that can be used to treat wounds such as compound Aloctin A Glycoprotein named as Anti-inflammatory. That is found in every part of the aloe. In addition to the properties mentioned, there are benefits of aloevera much more to do.

Herbal Aloevera balm
The inhalation and massage to relieve pain, apply to relieve headaches, help the blood circulation, Massage relieves back pain, joint pain, muscle pain. The poisonous insect bites, and relieve itching. Massage skin the burning of sunlight.

1.Used for adjust the skin is burning with sunlight.
2.Used to relax the muscles.
3.Used to relieve aches and body pains
4.Use to relieve dizziness, nausea, seasick

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