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Herbal massage oil
This yellow oil is 100% made of herbs. Chemical free guaranteed. To utilize yellow herbal oil, just rub or massage it on body area needed, which will help soothe aches, sprains, bruises, and insect bites. Besides it can relieve itchiness.

Title : Thai Herbal Yellow Oil
Services : Thai Herbal Yellow Oil

Zingiber cassumunar balm
Massage for relief of ache, sprain and muscular pain. Relief swell cause by insect sting, scalding and itchy skin, rheumatic pains. Inhale for relief dizzy, vertigo headache, carsick, seasick, cough and cold.

Title : ยาหม่องไพลสด
Services : ยาหม่องไพลสด

Thai herbal compress ball
Thai Herbal Compress Ball 100% Natural Herbs Aroma Massage Spa Product (Pack of 2) by Herbal Ball 100%

Title : Herbal Massage Oil Thailand
Services : Herbal Massage Oil Thailand

Red Herb Chilli Hot Balm
Made from herbal ingredients offering gentle Hot Balm contains in its composition of red chilli. It has an intense effect on the muscles and joints. It is used for rubbing sprains and bruises, helps repair damaged muscle tissue.

Title : Thai Yellow Balm
Services : Thai Yellow Balm

Thai herbal compress ball
Thai Herbal Compress Ball 100% Natural Herbs Aroma Massage. Giving a simultaneously relaxing and energizing effect to body, mind and soul. Size : 200 G. Pack of 2 Balls. Guarantee 100% Genuine Product. World Wide Shipping

Title : Thai Oil Spa Massage
Services : Thai Oil Spa Massage

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