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Herbal green oil

Model : HO0203 Herbal green oil

Specification : Herbal green oil size 3 cc.

Brand name: Herbal oil Dokbuasee

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Packaging : Standard carton sizes

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Product name :
Herbal oil, Herbal oil, Herbal massage oil, الأخضر بلسم, SALAYTPANGPON BALM,草本绿色,Барлерия lupulina

The fifth part - to neutralize the poisonous insects, centipedes and scorpion bites, hives, inflammation shingles scald.

Leaves - used to extract and glycerin tincture made. The treatment of skin lesions, and the treatment of the Herpes sores in the mouth, liver toxicity Apthous hot to scald.
Root - cooking is a diuretic. a month Lumbar pain and fatigue
Benefit of herbal green oil
Neutralize inflammation in wound healing in mouth herpes zoster. - Use Esldpagpon female fresh leaves 10-20 (select dark green leaves fresh as it does not give too soft) to lower mixed with alcohol or lemon juice. Drink water or juice to the wound and remove the residue mask the pain. - Use Esldpagpon 1000 g marinated in alcohol 70% 1,000 cc. Marinate for seven days brought a lot deputy then took to evaporate the remaining 500 cc. Add glycerine pure down to the amount that evaporates (500 ml.) And liquid. Esldpagpon Glycerin has wound herpes zoster lesions in the mouth neutralize.
Make herbal green oil
Apply insect bites are itchy rash. - Use fresh leaves 5-10 leaves rub paint was wound up. Collapse will not be effective
Scald wound - Use leaves simmered with coconut or sesame oil. Remove the residue that mask the pain scalding or burning blisters are dry. - Make a thoroughly mixed with alcohol. Use the mask is on fire or scald. The properties were toxic heat.
Benefit of herbal green oil
The inhalation and massage to relieve pain, apply to relieve headaches, help the blood circulation, Massage relieves back pain, joint pain, muscle pain. The poisonous insect bites, and relieve itching. Reduce Inflammation, swelling Strengthen muscles Cart. The poisonous insect bites.
1. Used to rub and massage body.
2. Use for dizzy colic.
3. Use for insect bites detoxify hot.
4. Relieve pain when loosening ligaments.
5. Can be used in conjunction with massage equipment.

1.Should be used in moderation. Because it can cause burning easily if used in large quantities.
2.Avoid contact with the eyes. Because it causes severe eye irritation. May cause blindness.
3.Excessive inhalation. May cause headache, numbness and persistent inhalation for a long time. May cause respiratory irritation.
4.Do not use with baby.

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