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Herbal yellow oil Dokbuasee

We produce varieties of thai herbals products. The process of produce it extract from natural premium properties herbs & medicinal plants presenting the world of most renown thai miraculous household multipurpose traditional herbal remedies, Which not irritate the skin or leave any chemical residue. So we wish introduce the products.
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Model : HO0424 Herbal yellow oil Dokbuasee

Specification : Herbal yellow oil Dokbuasee size 24 cc.

Brand name: Herbal yellow oil Dokbuasee

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Various diseases can be treated with herbs.
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Thai herbal yellow oil Dokbuasee
A medicated herbal oil made from traditional herd formula. This medicated oil is made from several treditional Thai hard extracts as zingiber ottensi valeton, kamindum, Kemfaria parviflora wall. Ex Baker, zingiber Cassumunar yellow, warmaho, warnmarern, Ginger, Cymbopogon nardus Rendlel.

Indication : For the relives of muscular aches, lumbago, joint pain, pain caused by gout. Conditions caused by insect bites, painful thrombosis.

Application : Apply thinly and massage gently into the surrounds and the affected site thrice daily.

Indications Thai herbal yellow oil
Works great as inhaler for dizziness, fainting and stuffy nose, also as liniment and to relieve paints on tiresome body, sprains, inflammation, swelling, insects bite, rashes and air or sea sickness , head and etc.

Usage Thai herbal yellow oil fast and effective recovery from headache, flues, stuffy nose, insect bites, itchiness sunstroke, joint pai and etc.

Usage Thai herbal yellow oil Dokbuasee
fast and effective recovery from headache, flues, stuffy nose, insect bites, itchiness sunstroke, joint pai and etc.

Apply and massage gently to the affected area, 1-2 times a day. Around 10 minutes after applying, it feels hot, cold, and warm. Once the applied product is dry, there is a pleasant smell.

Character of Thai herbal yellow oil : Rub 3 drops and rub over stomach and around the navel . To relieve a headache, rub a drop of oil on the temples as the same gently massage is given Inhale Or use directly under your nose. Rub gently on the affected parts resulting from inflammations rashes or insect bites . Store this oil in room temperature and protect it from the heat.

Relieve nasal congestion Runny nose due to colds. Relieve pain wherewith the insect bites. Dizzy The darkness is like the wind, the Car sick, the seasick, the airsick. Relieve pain when loosening ligaments Relieve cramps, bruises, bruises, body aches. Relieves migraines.

Apply and massage to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, waist pain, knee pain, and body aches. Apply to relieve stomachache and period cramps.Relieves vertigo, dizziness, headache, and stress. Apply to nose, temples. Inhale and apply to relieve cold, nasal congestion, weather allergy, and asthma. Daily apply every 4 hours at paralytic area to relieve paralysis. Apply and massage to relieve cramps.

Apply to a wound for a faster healing. Apply to relieve a scald, burn, and wound from exhaust. Apply and massage to relieve trigger finger. Apply to cure poisonous insect bites. Apply to cure itchy rash, urticarial, athlete’s foot and detergent allergy.For toothache, apply frequently at the cavity. If the toothache is severe, soak with a cotton ball and place on the aching tooth to effectively relieve the toothache.

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