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Lavender balm

Model : WC05 Wintergreen Lavender balm

Specification : Herbal balm size 20g,50g,100g,200g,...

Brand name: Herbal balm Dokbuasee

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Packaging : Standard carton sizes

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Product name :
Herbal balm,AVENDER BALM,紫色隔离霜,LAVENDER бальзам

Character of Lavender balm
Lavender balm are a genus of flowering plants. Comprising 39 species of plants in the mint family (Lamiaceae) is native in antiquity, which was discovered from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands. Southern Europe across the North East, Africa, Europe, Asia, south-west to south-east India. Many members of the genus.

Lavender balm has been used extensively with herbs and essential oils. And believe that lavender can relieve insect bites, burns and headaches are also lavender to repel insects. Lavender flowers and seeds can help them relax, sleep, the maker of soft lavender into a cup of hot water, it can help them sleep.

In the bussiness
In this 21st century, lavender balm is popular in many industries. The advantage of the unique smell of it, which helps to relax. Wide range of industries use lavender in their products. But the industry has been the most beneficial to the industry as a perfume and skin care balm products such as soap, conditioner and so on.

Benefit of Lavender balm
The inhalation and massage to relieve pain, apply to relieve headaches, help the blood circulation, Massage relieves back pain, joint pain, muscle pain. The poisonous insect bites, and relieve itching. Massage Help sleep Aromatic reduce tensions.

1.Use for massage to relax.
2.Fragrant to sleep comfortably suitable for hard sleep
3.Relieves tension.
4.Used to relax the muscles and body massage.

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